Song Premiere: Pilgrim, “Neverland”

Emerging itself as the brainchild of songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Paul McHugh, Athens, Georgia group Pilgrim are set to release their latest album Neverland.  The title track to the sophomore album, which was released today, offers a world of dirty, hazy instrumentals along with lyrics centering on a man lost in the Neverland of a music scene. Never growing old, he is still unable to connect with the girl he’s searching for.  McHugh says, “’Neverland’ is the opening track on our second album of the same name. I wanted to come out rocking to open up the album and I believe we succeeded in doing that. I’ve always felt this song is a great intro to who we are as a band. Its murky, catchy, and a bit silly.”

Pilgrim released their first and self-titled album in 2014. Now, a few years and thousands of miles later, the follow-up album is ready to light up the ears of the public. An often psychedelic yet beautiful yet rocking journey awaits those who put the needle down on this seven-track expedition. Recorded at Chase Park Transductions with master engineers Drew Vandenberg and Henry Barbe, Pilgrim recorded the meat of this album over a 3-day period of frenzied creative momentum. Henry Barbe (son of producer David Barbe) mixed Neverland with incredible ingenuity and originality, creating a sonic masterpiece worthy of any of the great predecessors. Audio nerds, take note and listen hard.

Going along with “Nevermind” is the Zeppelin III meets Stax groove “Anna Lucia,” a song of beauty masking the tragic romance of the protagonist and Anna Lucia. Track three is “The Greatest Actor,” a vulnerable Crazy Horse-esque slow jam depicting the acting we all do to guise the inner self. Life is a stage and we are but players in it. Rounding out side A is “La La La.” This sprawling triptych is a melodic dream with toe tapping snap that takes on touring, art, and loss. (Insert shoulder shrug emoji.)

Side B comes out blazing with “Watch You Cry,” an angry post-break-up fantasy “masking the song’s actual intention of being a political revenge fantasy,” according to McHugh. Next is “Night After Night,” the powerful Muscle Shoals-meets-“Hey Jude” piano ballad/rocker. This gorgeous tune about touring, performing, and the power of friendship builds to an incredible climax that could stir the soul of the hardest-hearted. The journey comes to an end with the beautifully psychedelic canvas “Something About This Picture.” Close your eyes, burn one down and go into the inner depths of your mind in the dreamscape of not knowing what the future holds. “A comedy or tragedy – I just don’t really know.”

Neverland will be released on vinyl, CD, and digital platforms later this year on newly founded Trajectory Records.