Song Premiere: Photo Ops, ”Time For An Innocent Song”

The man behind LA-based Photo Ops Terry Price has had to overcome a sudden medical condition, the death of his father, and the breakup of his long-time band, Oblio.  Through all this, Price reached peace and found himself  feeling refreshed.. 

Photo Ops material features a sense of immediacy, using an intentionally limited set of instruments: one acoustic guitar, one electric guitar, a Ludwig drum kit from the 60s, a stand-up piano, a Hofner bass, and a small Casiotone keyboard. The results have Price releasing breezy, self-reflective tunes such as “July” and “Palm Trees.”  Today, the musician has another SoCal influenced song drop titled ”Time For An Innocent Song.”  

In regards of the new single, Price says, “It’s like the silly love songs of existential dread–I’m ok, you’re ok, even if we’re all fucked. You can be someone else tonight. Your past doesn’t have to determine your future. Who you are is ok. Everyone seems so certain. I think it’s ok to embrace uncertainty and to still feel love and encouragement in the face of shifting ground.” 

We couldn’t agree more.