Song Premiere: Old Mexico, "Black Matador"

When Jason Simon (Dead Meadow) took part in the San Francisco occurrence Family Folk Explosion back in 2016, he noticed a jazzier interpretation of his numbers was integrated courtesy of the backing of Mark Matos (aka Trans Vans Santos) and Dave Mihaly.  The looseness and idiosyncratic swing that they brought was stunning and allowed Simon, Matos and Mihaly to tap into crossing genres and creating the project Old Mexico.  

Ghettoblaster is happy to premiere the single “Black Matador”, which will be found on Old Mexico’s self-titled debut album January 11 via Union Zero.  Compositions by all the members were fleshed out with heavy improvisation and a rotating cast of additional players from the west-coast psych/free and experimental scenes.

As for “Black Matador” he is what Matos said:

“Jason and Dave brought such great pieces to the table and my stuff was a lot simpler, barely songs, more of little mantras over a two chord landscape. I wanted ‘Black Matador’ to cut the difference between JJ Cale and John Coltrane and to whatever extent that the song is successful it’s due to the musicality and idiosyncratic playing of the other musicians.”

To pre-order the self-titled album, click here.