Song Premiere: The Old Adage, “LAME”

Mimi and Nino together have a clear vision when it comes to their music: touch souls and make a difference through their work.  Stationed in the Toledo/Detroit area, the family duo don’t allow themselves to stray away from this goal with their project The Old Adage.
Today, Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere The Old Adage’s latest single “LAME”.  The song has a trap-influence throughout the pop lyrical content.
Here’s Mimi on the “LAME”:
“Our song writing process is incredibly time consuming. We work on several songs at a time and it usually takes us about a year to finish up a song before it reaches its final form. ‘Lame’ was written almost a year ago Melodically. Usually what will happen is I (Mimi) will come to Nino w/ a melody and lyrics and we will start writing based off that concept. The song is about furthering yourself, and working on your goals…It fits us because its sarcastic af. It’s saying “I’m Lame” for wanting to work on my career instead of party basically…many young people and friends when they want you to go out will say “man don’t be a lame”…that’s what the song is about…being a Lame haha. Reaching goals takes a lot of sacrifice and sometimes you’re going to have to risk certain types of fun and time w/ friends..luckily we love working on our music careers so its still a great time :).”

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