Song Premiere: Oids, "Golden Age"

Now more than ever, many United States citizens have officially been sick and disgusting with the political climate. Protesting the actions from unlawful police brutality, standing up for human rights are just two of the primary subjects many have been taking to the streets to protest over. One has to wonder if this sudden uprising of fed up people has to be largely in part to the shocking victory of one Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential race.
With the large gatherings at the protests, there’s bound to be some heated exchanges with those who think opposite of one another. In Cincinnati’s own Oids single “Golden Age”, lead singer Peter Foley explains it’s origin story:
“Golden Age” was written shortly after you-know-who won the 2016 election; I went to a protest in Cincinnati and watched a big dude in a Trump hat (let’s call him Jeff) throw a guy to the ground because he “stepped on his foot.” We had come up with the b-bender guitar riff, bass line and wonky drum beat a few days before and I decided that I would write the lyrics about the incident at the protest, though I opted to write it from the perspective of Jeff. He’d probably want to throw me to the ground, too if he heard it.”
Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere the single “Golden Age”, which is off Oids latest mini album Zonked!. The band recorded the song to a 16-track tape machine and mixed it to a 2-track mastering recorder. Foley believes that the process to lay down “Golden Age” forced the band to make critical creative chooses which benefitted the overall sound. A heavy 80’s new wave feel crashes through the single, so be ready to hear influences from bands such as The Cars and XTC.

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