Song Premiere: Nick Arneson Shares New Track "Once"

Very rarely does an artist surface and immediately conveys a sense of ominous beauty. Storming the stage and studios, this is the feat the Portland, Oregon roots musician Nick Arneson pulls off here. The young 30-something singer-songwriter is set to release his new album MidLifeCrisis this Friday, with a collection of songs that runs the gamut of cross-pollinating genres, bending each one to create something distinctively unique. In advance of his new album, Nick shares his new song “Once” which is beautifully haunting and magical at the same time. This is what Nick has to say about the track:
“This song is me talking to me. “Night Nick” as I jokingly refer to the side of me that tends to come out after dark. Quitting drinking allows me to look from a different perspective – the voice is a strong one, and this song is all about facing it down. “Alone and scared with that fire in your eyes.” It also revisits a common theme throughout the album of inertia and movement – something intrinsically tied to staying out too late and taking too much. This song has one of my favorite lines on the album – “the notes you hear won’t make a sound if you don’t move.” Obvious but effective, which is the best kind of lyric. – Nick Arneson

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