Song Premiere: Naomi Wild, "La La Land"

It’s been an exciting past year and a half, for LA-based Naomi Wild. She wrote and was featured on Odesza’s track “Higher Ground,” and spent most of the year on the road with the duo. In the midst of touring, she found time to release her debut single, Howlinand follow up “Run That. Earlier this year, she made her solo festival debut performing at SXSW. With many more festivals with Odesza to come and more music on the horizon, 2019 is gearing up to be her breakout year.

Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering her single, “La La Land.” This is what she told us about it.

 “’La La Land’ is this kind of dark and playful way of me talking about my feelings about LA. I’m from LA, and I have this love/hate relationship with it. When I meet people, the same question I always get is ‘What’s it like being from here?’ and I never know how to really answer that. ‘All this ice on my head got a brain freeze’ was a line that I came up with when I was at Yogurtland and it reminded me of this mirrored crown I like to wear a lot. ‘In a white Volkswagen bet I whip it like a phanto’m is the next line where I shout out my shitty car that’s been crashed multiple times by some ex-boyfriends and now has no rims and a fender bender. People always think my hood is open and try to tell me at red lights – it’s hilarious. So the song is kind of this realization and acceptance that I don’t have it completely together in comparison to what people expect you to be like if you’re from LA. Of course I enjoy the nicer things in life but I also love the fact that I don’t have all those things and that they don’t even fucking matter. A lot of people have this idea of what LA is like, and talk shit on it – then move here and act all crazy. But I feel like people that are really from LA aren’t even about all that. Sure, it’s easy to get lost here and can be overwhelming. I’m guilty of losing control and sometimes living in wonderland and all that but who isn’t? Anyways- this was just me blowing some steam. I love LA and I don’t want it to have this reputation of being the worst place ever. It’s crazy and messy and beautiful and just like anywhere else- it is what you make it.”

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