Song Premiere: Mythical Motors, "One Seventh Of A Shadow"

Even if he wants to admit it or not, Bob Pollard has left his mark on many musicians from the past and present. Chattanooga natives Mythical Motors have all taken in the gospel according to Guided By Voices frontman back in 2006 when a couple of the bandmates met at one of his solo shows.
Ten albums deep, Mythical Motors have mastered Pollard’s signature blueprint with songwriting while expanding a much broader sound.  Now comes their eleventh album titled Elevated Levels, which is filled with homespun garage rock, jangly pop, and psychedelic excursions.  Live staples “Endless Distance Of Belief,” and “Dr. Fall,” as well as the jangly “Finding Lost Colors,” and the multi-part mini-epic “Over Caravan Park” are just part of the twenty-two song compilation.
Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere “One Seventh Of A Shadow” today.  With a tight running time of 1:25 (a nod to Pollard), the single is hook-filled and melodic.  Lyrically, “One Seventh Of A Shadow” reflect a great concern for the current state of the world, but are undercut with a determined and defiant optimism.

To pre-order Elevated Levels, go to Mythical Motors Bandcamp site here.
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