Song Premiere: Mitchel Dae, “Say I’m Wrong”

In the heart of Providence, Rhode Island, singer/songwriter Mitchel Dae has been working diligently to create music with a soulful sound that’s hard to forget.  
Today, Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere Dae’s single “Say I’m Wrong”.  Roughly based on the based on the film Revolutionary Road, “Say I’m Wrong” has a cool vibe throughout, mixing folk and modern pop to Dae’s crooning vocals.  
“I wanted to write a song that forced me out of my comfort zone. As a songwriter, one of my biggest struggles is not to overthink or overanalyze the content of the song that I’m working on,” Dae said in regards to putting together his latest single.  “Last month, I committed to writing, producing, and releasing one song/ month for the next year. Naturally, I’m a very insecure and scattered person, so completing the songs that I start has been a challenge for me! 
“‘Say I’m Wrong’ is my attempt to be totally unapologetic and simplistic in what I’m talking about. I wanted to prove to myself that I could pick a random topic and clearly/ confidently communicate how I feel about that topic!”

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