Song Premiere: Lowlight, "Every Time"

Inside the inner circle of the Asbury Park, New Jersey’s own Lowlight, the chemistry between each member can be seen as unadulterated.  Spending a majority of time together either touring, recording, or simply hanging around has allowed the band to be open-minded in exploring new terrain without compromising themselves.  Traditional Americana and roots rock are at the forefront of Lowlight, yet the band elevates their music with synth-driven new wave influence. 

On August 16 via Telegraph Hill Records, Lowlight will be releasing their second full-length album Endless Bummer.  Today, the band has released the single “Every Time.”  Slowly churning with atmospheric sounding instrumentals, the synth-heavy single pushes to greater heights towards the conclusion.  Lead singer Renee Maskin vocally broods with eariness throughout, clutching onto the words so tightly.

Here’s the band on “Every Time”:

“We refer to our bassist and MPC2000xl operator, Rey Rivera, as Lowlight’s “Idea Man”. He’s always pitching us ideas for new music videos, merch, podcast ideas, commercials for the band, commercials for other people, food products, the list goes on.  He is a fountain of inspiration within our group and beyond. 

“Every Time” was written after Rey pitched us an idea for a film.  Sort of Mortal Kombat meets Groundhog Day, the idea was that every day, a female warrior samurai wakes up next to another samurai. They spend a day together, the end of which she has to fight and kill the other samurai in battle.  The film would progress, and our protagonist would either eventually find her way out of the cycle, or finally, be defeated.  We thought this particular idea had some poetic potential in a song, and while the lyrics did not lean into the original Samurai elements, they did spark greater notions of love, anguish, hope, and dread, all of which translate particularly well into a Lowlight song. “Every Time” is the result.”