Song Premiere: Lily DeTaeye, "Carnegie"

Des Moines, Iowa-based indie-pop singer/songwriter Lily DeTaeye is only 19-years-old, but DeTaeye has already shared bills with The Decemberists, The Shins, Chicano Batman and more. She’s also gearing up to release her new aptly-titled EP, The E.P., on November 17 via Station 1 Records.
The EP is a four-track collection of piano-driven indie-pop that finds DeTaeye exploring heartbreak, sexual assault, victim blaming culture and more. These are issues all-too-common on her college campus at the University of Iowa.
“I got to college and I started meeting all of these people that have gone through a lot of different experiences than I have, and I met a lot of women that had been survivors of sexual assault or domestic abuse and all of these things and combining all of their experiences together, I learned that it’s a common theme for people to tell women that are survivors that maybe they could have done something to prevent it or they should have known better than to put themselves in a situation that would get them hurt,” DeTaeye explains. “And it seemed really backwards to me, and it was hard to hear people who I know, people who I love, go through that and be told that they were the one who should have done something.”
DeTaeye’s earnest lyrics and mature songwriting abilities make The E.P. a strikingly honest and relatable portrayal of life at the cusp of adulthood.
Her newest single, which Ghettoblaster as the pleasure of premiering today, features minimalist percussion beneath slow-burning guitar and piano chords, providing a captivating foundation for DeTaeye’s gorgeous vocals as the whole song slowly building to an explosive, organ-heavy outro.

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