Song Premiere: LAIK, “Satellite”

With his laptop and an infinity of sound circling around his brain, LAIK was formed courtesy of founder Tyler Rice.  The release of the debut album With Love was even more inspirational mostly in part due Rice being able to meet drummer Reuben Garza.  Together, the duo blend both alternative rock and electronic / pop elements into their songs.  Since 2016, LAIK played shows around Chicago at venues like Metro, Schubas, Beat Kitchen, and Cobra Lounge.  Some of the bands that they’ve played with include Dreamers, New Politics, Jakubi, Morgan Saint and Jet Black Alley Cat.  

Today, Ghettoblaster premieres the latest offering from LAIK, “Satellite”.  The synth heavy, early 2000s pop single is coming off the duo’s upcoming album Curse My Dance Moves, which is slated to be released April 5 this year.  “Satellite” is about the complicated end of a relationship.  It’s about how messy things can stay for a long period of time,” Rice says.  “This song is a good representation of our upcoming album in that we like the polarity between sad lyrics and a major key.”

As for the new album?  “Our record, Curse My Dance Moves is culmination of alternative rock and pop music that we love.  We wanted to capture each genre in a specific way and I’m very happy with how it turned out.  I think it sits well in the middle of both.  We are very excited for the album to be out 4.5.19.”

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