Song Premiere | Kate Dinsmore, “Version of Me”

Coming out from Seattle, Washington, Kate Dinsmore stops you dead in your tracks with her soaring vocals.  Bringing her songs to the stage, the singer-songwriter encapsulates influences ranging from jazz, rock, and Americana.  The emotional weight that comes with the final product is absolutely gripping.  Dinsmore has captured audiences around the Pacific Northwest after honing in on her craft in a stint in Oklahoma. 

Set for release via Dutch Records, Dinsmore’s EP Version of Me is a glaring testament of her being at most triumphant.  For the title single released today, the stunning musician sings the lyrics with a deeply intimate manner.  One could close their eyes and picture themselves seeing Dinsmore singing into a retro microphone in a smokey lounge room.

Photo Courtesy: Kendall Rock and Amy Barene (Stylist)