Song Premiere: Ezra Bell, "Raise Your Hand If You Slept In Your Clothes"

The magnificent treasure city known as Portland, Oregon allows one the ability to stumble upon some of the most electrifying bands every night.  Case in point is the folk ensemble Ezra Bell.   Founded in the late summertime of 2013, the group has released an impeccable library of music and toured the country.  With their soul-igniting songs and live performances that are considered to be a can’t miss for any music lover, Ezra Bell has captivated the hearts of many all while maintaining their altruistic charm.

On April 3 via Dutch Records, Ezra Bell will be dropping their latest album This Way To Oblivion.  From start to finish, the band has once again provided material that offers a highly spirited work of art that will only continue to build the magic that is surrounding them.  Today, the band has shared the single off the record “Raise Your Hand If You Slept In Your Clothes”.  The toe-tapping, bluesy/folk-infused song erects a passion within you to get up and stomp around the dance floor – a classic Ezra Bell move if you don’t mind us saying.

Press Pic: Callie Bowen