Song Premiere: Joseph Sant, "Dawns On You"

Brooklyn musician Joseph Sant’s songwriting style explores the intimate to larger currents of social cues; prophesying love all while standing against the backdrop of doom.  For his upcoming release Before Calamity (February 14, 2020), Sant explores encounters with loss – avoiding the pitfalls that come along, being paralyzed by the threat, cherishing every moment, and searching for salvage.

Joined by other musicians who reside in Brooklyn, one that was of importance was friend Stirling Krusing.  Succumbing to cancer in 2018, Sant feels its imperative for him to lift up Krusing’s memory and his artistic voice with this release.

Today, Sant releases the first single off Before Calamity titled “Dawns On You.”  The gorgeous instrumental portion in the beginning quickly speeds up the resounding lap steel taking charge.  Soaring sonically along with the Americana-influences, Sant’s vocals are emotionally driven from start to finish on “Dawns On You.”