Song Premiere: Johnny Payne, “Man In The Mist”

Led by founding members Johnny Payne and Mike Komaszczuk, The Shilohs were wildly acclaimed for their folky charm and wonderful melodies.  

Payne has now ventured out on his own and is set to release King of Cups.  On King of Cups (Light Organ Records) the class-A lounge lizard and primetime party advocate has crafted exactly the kind of clam bake we need at present. Rich tones that stew-soak with their easy piecemeal complexities – you hear what you want to hear, you think what you want to think, and you just… dream.

Today, Payne has released the single “Man In The Mist.”  Catchy from start to finish, the singer/songwriter presents a breezy sound. Imagine being on South Beach living the most carefree life while spinning “Man In The Mist.”

Here’s Payne on the single: “Ah yes, the “Man in the Mist“. I suppose it’s the darker side of myself and of all of us, really. The shadowy figure just waiting to come out and make a beautiful mess of things. I like that man, though. He’s freer than I am. Less afraid. But he sure does cause a lot of trouble sometimes, slithering around town like a salamander at midnight. 

It’s a cool track, I must say. A lot of hot percussion and saxophone and wonderful backing vocals. It turned out so well that I decided to open the album with it and make it the first single and off we go…”

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