Song Premiere: Honest Iago, "Blue Fairy"

Pronounced “yah-go”, Honest Iago have maintained an impressive rotation of seasoned visionaries to ensure their work won’t be matched.  Take for example their debut Straight On ‘Til Morning in 2009.  The album in its entirety expands through various levels of experimental punk within a tight 47 minutes.
Coming out July 27, Honest Iago is back with their latest effort 29 Palms. Recorded/produced by Nick Tipp (The National, The Decemberists, HEALTH), 29 Palms began to take shape when the members of Honest Iago separately recorded within their own homes with email chains of tracks and lyrics included.  With all the ideas collected, Honest Iago joined together in a cabin outside of Joshua Tree to finish the album.
Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere the single coming off the album “Blue Fairy”.  About the song, Craig Vermeyen (vocals & drums) says, “I wrote this song about my first love showing me what it really meant to live. I spent my high school years pretty lonely, and then had this first serious relationship experience freshman year of college that made me realize I’d been missing a lot. The song is a product of me understanding that I wasn’t realizing my true potential without that type of bond in my life.”

To preorder 29 Palms, click on the link below: