Song Premiere: Hideout, "Window"

The initial idea for Gabriel Rodriguez and Scarlett Stephenson-Connolly was to make their project Hideout a recording project.  When the duo began to put their vision into full effect, it was too hard to not see where the music could take them.   The East Village-based artists tell delightfully fizzing tales of the human heart’s trials with off-kilter arrangements, colorful lyricism, multi-textured production, and dynamic vocal delivery — ranging from a level, repeating thump of thoughts to a satisfying wheeze of emotion.  Now backed with a rotating cast of NYC musicians, Hideout has only just scratched the surface of what’s to come.

Today, Hideout have shared their latest single “Window.”  Playing off their indie-pop influences, the duo’s overlapping vocals feel breezy and effortlessly engaging.  “I was playing guitar sitting on my bed and as I looked out my window is saw someone staring back from a building next door, Rodriguez says in regards to the single. “Initially I didn’t pay it much mind and kept playing. I later reflected on the idea that my life is being viewed in snippets and scenes by my neighbors through windows. I wondered what character I am portraying, what storyline I’m playing out for whoever’s watching.”