Song Premiere: Grace Basement, “Midnight Bell”

Whatever it’s playing alongside with other musicians nightly in his home in St. Louis or working in his studio, it’s hard to keep musician Kevin Buckley pinned down for too long. Buckley’s side project Grace Basement will be releasing their fourth full-length album this year titled Mississippi Nights.
Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere one of the singles that will be on the new album, “Midnight Bell”. While the band focused on showcasing an intimate folk sound on their previous album Wheel Within A Wheel, Mississippi Nights will contain a more bombastic sound. Listening to “Midnight Bell”, you catch Buckley and company rigging along soulful vibes and rich Midwestern sound. The song’s overall production has been influenced by bands such as Wilco and Pavement.
Here’s Buckley on the track:
“On the surface, ‘Midnight Bell’ wouldn’t be the most original song I’ve written, but I also believe its derivative essence works in its favor. A simple boogie-woogie rock riff we’ve heard a million times and familiar story to boot. I think of all my rock and roll friends and the mysterious wonder and excitement of nocturnal living. This song is a blast to play live!”

Grace Basement’s Mississippi Nights will be available on CD, digital and streaming formats January 19th, 2018.
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