Song Premiere: Gold Record “Luxury”

While the “new normal” of quarantine life in 2020 had more lows throughout the year than it did highs, it allowed for many to ruminate around and self-reflect. One thing is for certain; it did spawn amazing creativity for some that was difficult to keep to themselves. Enter: Gold Record.

The project was born of seclusion during the past year, a pop music collective created by lifelong friends Noah Clark, Evan Michalski, & Ryan McKone that allowed them to share musical thoughts and ideas although separated by distances from the Bay Area of California to the High Desert, New Mexico. One thing is for certain though, Gold Record is nothing short of magnificently crafting unadulterated pop songs. On March 12, 2021, Gold Record is set on releasing its 7th E.P., Create New Love, all during the span of this pandemic year!

The lead single off the forthcoming E.P. is the single “Luxury.” The song literally hits all the right chords with its infectious delivery, filled with harmonies and sweet melodies. The single hits streaming platforms on February 26th, 2021.

About “Luxury,” the members offer their thoughts:

“This was one of those fun songs that built itself up through the groove.  There was something so hypnotic, funky, and wonderful about the feel, that it’s like a song magically appeared around it.  By the time we added sax decoration and Ryan put in this 90’s boy band hook in the middle – it was basically a print.  The song ended up hitting all of our marks: a little bit silly, catchy, fun, and very earwormy.  There was also a funny juxtaposition writing a song called “Luxury” in the height of lockdown when we’d essentially been wearing pajamas for the past 5 months” shares bassist Evan Michalski.

“‘Luxury’ is all about the main motif. It all started on the piano. I let that melody bounce around in my head for a few weeks before I put words to it. Normally I am all about the decorations (harmony and countermelody), but this little motif just sounded so perfect to me as a consonant. So it just built up as a unison melody over the drums. When something is overly simplistic, I feel like it is by rule a bit audacious. Like, there’s nothing else to it…deal with it. I can’t think of anything more audacious than redefining a word for yourself that already holds meaning to everyone else. It’s purposefully silly. And… in earnest, this song is just an impression of everything I loved about The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. No one else will hear that, but that’s what it is to me.” – Noah


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