Song Premiere: The Gods Themselves, "So Hot"

Since the early 2000s, band members Astra Elane, Collin O’Meara, and Dustin Patterson have all been active in the Pacific Northwest’s live music scene. Now as members of TGT, they each contribute a unique imprint of perceptions, passions and life experiences shaping a sound that echoes of ’80s dance beats, raw, angular guitars and art-punk aplomb. Exuding a new wave nonchalance, the band is one with both melody and swagger.
Provocative and no-nonsense at once, Elane’s guitar revisits the new romantic era with a modern rock punch. O’Meara’s syncopated percussion provides guttural fuel, while Patterson’s baritone guitar laces each song with longing. Atop disco undertones, hypnotic vocals by Elane and Patterson add tales of sexual encounters and self-confidence.
The band are gearing up to drop their third LP, Be My Animal, on January 20. Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering “So Hot.” Listen to it below.

We also caught up with the band to chat about the record.This is what the band had to say about it.
When did you first begin writing the material for Be My Animal
Just after David Bowie died we were asked to perform in a tribute show. We played four of his tracks: “Space Oddity,” “Queen Bitch,” “Golden Years” and “Ashes to Ashes.” Learning and translating these incredible songs was such an inspiration. We were immediately compelled to write after that, completely fueled by his creativity. Be My Animal formed over the following four months.
This is your third release, in just about three years. How do you feel you’ve progressed from your self-titled debut? 
Of course looking back we feel we’ve travelled light years in the progress department. Where our first collection of songs was simpler and more spacious, there is still a certain charm and earnestness that can be heard on that self-titled LP. Each release has been an enlightening experience, both musically and personally for the band. There is definitely more thought and feeling put into this new album. Be My Animal has more influence incorporated into it than the other albums. But we still love and perform certain tracks from all our releases.
Is there a sense of community in the Seattle music scene? Any bands in particular that you think have influenced your music? 
Absolutely! Seattle is loaded with talented musicians. Some of the folks we’ve performed with that inspire us are La Luz, Car Seat Headrest, The Intelligence and one of our fave locals to rock out with Ssnackss!
We loved the video for “Tech Boys.” Any more videos we can look forward to from Be My Animal
There sure are! We’ve got a video for “COOL” coming down the pipeline any day now.
Any plans for a 2017 tour? 
Yes! Coming soon to your favorite venue. Stay tuned!
(Catch the band live here:
01.19 • Chop Suey (Seattle, WA)
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