Song Premiere: Elle Belle, “Post Everything”

Composer/songwriter Christopher Pappas found himself suffering a creative breakdown during the recording process for his previous project Miracle Parade.  The Los Angeles based musician scrapped everything and moved to create Elle Belle, the psych-rock, prog, electronic rager that has propelled him to tap into a stronger focus on songwriting and harmonies. Pappas debut album WAKO GUMBO, a sprawling 20 song double LP, was released in 2016 to critical acclaim followed by his sophomore album No Signal.

Elle Belle’s upcoming November release Post Everything is about reckonings. The emotional fatigue of the last few years had filled Pappas heart with a deep misanthropic nihilism. Through personal, political, and cultural grieving, these songs rake through the ashes of an era and ask – where do we go from here? Post Everything is a journey through this nihilistic wasteland, and that if we dig deep enough, we can still find droplets of hope.

Today, Elle Belle has shared the album title single “Post Everything.”  Right from the start, the track bursts with thrashing guitar and punching drums, almost reminiscent of the 90s era garage rock staples that we come to know to cherish.  “It was written out of a frustration from being on the losing end of a battle against American apathy. It’s a song about giving up and rediscovering what you’re fighting for,” Pappas says in regards to “Post Everything.”

Elle Belle continues Pappas’ knack for rich, intricate songwriting. He has written music for NASA, composing the soundtracks for the Juno and Rosetta mission official docu-series. He also composed an award winning musical (“Pope! An Epic Musical”) with the Wall Street Journal praising it, proclaiming “[Pope!] is proof that the musical [genre] isn’t dead!” He is also a prolific writer, churning out 2 T.V. pilots and a new full length horror feature that are currently in pre-production. His dense and eclectic catalogue is why many consider Pappas as one of America’s most prolific and captivating under-the-radar artists.