Song Premiere: Dumi Right Drops New Single "Liberation Music"

Dumi RIGHT– known to friends as Dumisani Ndlovu was once part of Zimbabwe Legit, Hip-Hop representing Africa, specifically Harare, Zimbabwe, and the first African group to record in America. On June 22, Dumi returns with a fresh new album, Doin It The Right Way, offering up captivating beats and introspective lyrics. The album follows up his last proper solo album Connect The Dots, released back in 2012.
The new album boasts an array of artists, from dextrous lyricists Mike G of the Jungle Brothers, Mr. Lif, and Toki Wright to legendary poet & activist Nikki Giovanni. The album itself is rife with solid urban soundscapes and will no doubt place Dumi back into the mix. Today Dumi RIGHT premieres “Liberation Music,” with elements of African sounds and heady lyricism. It’s also the lead track off his forthcoming album.
Of the track, Dumi had this to say:

For time eternal music has been a means for people to express the yearning for freedom and self-determination.

Here liberation represents freedom of expression and a desire for independence in the realm of music and entertainment.

Being in a position where one does not have to fall in line and ride a trend in order to achieve success.

Imagine a landscape where it doesn’t have to be that way.

“The wrong route is often the one that’s shiny and glamorous
Sometimes the right way to go is not always unanimous…”
“Trying to make it better see, can’t just sit and let it be
more than entertaining it’s pertaining to a legacy”

Introducing Liberation Music

When I heard this ultra funky and rugged track by producer and friend 80-M I felt the urge to cry out and give voice to angst and frustration of having to fight not to have to compromise in order to remain as a fixture on the music scene. It also helped me realize that there was a time when by popular demand meant something and you had to give the people what they want (ed) and it wasn’t just a few conglomerates dictating what people should want. I didn’t manage to hang around for so many years by trying to latch on the latest trend. I did it the [Dumi] Right Way.

Doing It The Right Way – Track Listing
1. Liberation Music **
2. Job’s Completed * ft. The Poem-Cees
3. Prosperity +++ ft. Sariyah Idan
4. Progress +++ feat. Toki Wright and Kane
5. Just Another Day ** ft. Sol and Pep
6. Great Mindz [Saint Remix] *** ft. Cadence (Raw Produce), Mike G (Jungle Brothers) & YZ
7. I Will Not Turn Back + ft. Sariyah Idan
8. Nightfall [Saint Remix *** ft. Mr. Lif
9. Mission Accomplished ++ ft. Pep
10. Ya Think? ** ft. Pep
11. Go Get That *** ft. The Good People (Emskee and Saint)
12. Great Mindz [80-M Remix] ** ft. Cadence (Raw Produce), Mike G (Jungle Brothers) & YZ
13. The Armour ++
14. All We Have is Time by Nikki Giovanni
produced by Trnk Jwlz
** produced by 80-M
*** produced by Saint
+ produced by Hen Boogie
++ produced by Nagra Beats
+++ produced by Youngcee