Song Premiere: Dumi Right x Chubb Rock "We Don't Need"

Zimbabwe Legit’s Dumi Right is no stranger to Hip-Hop, continuously performing and releasing material, his last album, 2018’s fiery Do It The Right Way, receiving critical praise worldwide. He has been recognized as a standard-bearer in global and progressive hip hop circles for many years.  Now Dumi is back, but this time Chubb Rock is in tow for a collaborative effort many probably wouldn’t expect.

The rappers return with the politically fueled track in “We Don’t Need,” where both emcees volley lyrically dextrous words off of one another. Having Chubb Rock’s clever lyricism revolving around the POTUS is written so well, without having to point him out by name while Dumi searches for a higher state of being, fighting for what he believes in.

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