Song Premiere: DSTRK "Hol Up"

Kansas City native DSTRK is a musician who steps away from behind the keyboards as a touring member of the Common Kings to showcase songwriting skills of his own.

“Hol Up” is the first single to drop from DSTRK’s debut EP coming out later this year. DSTRK displays a relentless flow on this catchy new record. His motivation in making this EP is “to set a trail and bring something to the game that’s been missing.” His delivery is unrelenting over a catchy rhythm that thrusts forcefully with catchiness from start to finish.

On his forthcoming 6-song project, DSTRK invites you into the mind of a creative. On each track, he showcases his ability to not only make a song but an anthem. With this project, DSTRK said, “I want to create moments that invoke a feeling every time someone hears my music that takes them on a journey. It’s a vibe in every aspect.” There’s a thoughtful process to everything he seems to do, including the moniker he records under. He says, “I go by DSTRK to honor every school teacher, pastor, parent, aunt, uncle, and mentor that has helped mold me into the person I am today. I took out the letter “I” because “I” could have never made it on my own. The K at the end is for Kansas City Kansas.”

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