Song Premiere: Death By Unga Bunga “Modern Man”

Storming through obscurity during the group’s earliest days, there’s nary anyone in sight that doesn’t know these fine Norse horsemen. But now the group possibly steps into the spotlight for its most dynamic opus. When referring to Death By Unga Bunga, one must speak the group’s name with vigor and vitality because such is the power of their songs which ring with a punk ethos.

The Norwegian band, made up of vocalist/guitarist Sebastian Ulstad Olsen, keyboardist Preben S. Andersen, guitarist Stian S. Gulbrandsen, bassist Even Rolland Pettersen, and drummer Ole S. Nesset, have been kicking dirt and sand in the faces of their detractors since the release of the debut, 2010’s Juvenile Jungle, and have never stopped to look back over their collective shoulders. While the band has taken its namesake and inspiration from a Mummies record, Death By Unga Bunga delivers rallying punk riffs and melody, paving its own way through crowded landscapes, attesting to its own greatness.

Just one day before the release of the group’s 6th long-player Heavy Male Insecurity (Jansen Records), the band offers up its last sing “Modern Man.” It’s direct and infectious, destroying everything in its path, making room for it’s dystopian utopia.

Death By Unga Bunga lead singer and guitarist Sebastian Ulstad Olsen, on the song: “An ode to the modern man. A progressive person who cares about his health and will go out of his way to make this planet a better place. Someone an insecure person easily finds annoying and will hate on, but without the modern men this world is doomed.”

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