Song Premiere: Dead Trains "Shotgun"

If you’re ever surprised in one week, it would be by Dead Trains, a three-piece from Boston making a bit of a racket. The band released the “Ride On” single recently, which does clock in at almost 6 minutes. The band, Matt Axten (guitar/vocals), Natan Keyes (bass), and Steve Olson (drums) have a technical prowess that’s impressive and coin themselves – their style – as Post-Delta Punk Blues, which is a little we do know about. On that track though, they tug and pull on that melody for all its worth, and I imagine Dead Trains followed on stage by the blood-soaked vampires performing in From Dusk Til Dawn. But the band only scratches the surface with “Ride On” as they do have more to offer.

While the song is an impressive number, the band shares its new track “Shotgun” not here to talk about that song because the band just released the new single “Shotgun.” The Axten becomes one with his six-string shooting here as he keeps his vocals tightly wound against its melodies while Keyes and Olson deliver symbiotic pummeling unity. The band skronks and twists around an impassioned southern-fried vibe, intelligently wrapping a thick and gooey rhythm that will no doubt have all fawning over the group.

The band officially debuts its single tomorrow The Jungle in Somerville, MA. The music begins at 8:00 PM with the following line-up:

Dead Trains
Death Pesos

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(image: Humar Miranda)