Song Premiere: Chives, "Asteroid"

Coming off the releases of a 7-inch vinyl, along with cassette releases, over the past four years, Indianapolis band Chives are about to drop their first full-length album.  Singer-songwriter/guitarist Ryan Perkins and bandmates shape their music into a hyperactive concoction of deeply rooted punk-rock influence/psychedelic influences and punchy guitars; think about hearing a slightly modified blend of Zappa, Beefheart, and Devo.  

Chives have released a single off of the upcoming release titled “Asteroid”.  The two-minute slapper imparts unhinged vocals and frenzied instrumentals. “‘Asteroid’ came just like that, an orbiting asteroid breaks free from its belt and slams into a nearby planet. Anything new entering your life can be jarring- but it could be just what you needed,” the band says in regards to the song.