Song Premiere: Baby Brains "Don't Follow Me"

Baby Brains is the brainchild of one Amanda Caroline out of Nashville, TN, by way of Philadelphia, PA, but her brand, her style, differs from the popularity of country-infused music her adopted city, and even of her hometown. The 2018 “Candy”/”Dream Demon” single might have been an attempt to confuse listeners though as “Candy” opened with a slow-moving reverb-drenched guitar before exploding into an anthemic punk opus filled with coos and backing harmonies.

It’s clear Baby Brains draws on influences of years past but the sound channeled through speakers is reimagined, like a youthful Kim Shattuck fronting the Shangri-Las, eschewing conformity and just kicking out the jams. Today Baby Brains premieres the new single “Don’t Follow Me,” soaked with driving guitars and Caroline’s catchy lyrical storytelling.

About the new single, Amanda Caroline offers:

‘Don’t Follow Me’ came from a terrifying experience in Philadelphia where a street predator was after me. I was alone and intoxicated, so a perfect target. A homeless man saved me that night. I decided to turn a dark theme into a hook people could, hopefully, sing and dance to.

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