Song Premiere: AwareNess Shares New Single "Seven Says Sayonara" feat. Kool Keith

The highlands of Denver, Colorado seems to have much to offer. It’s not just the wintery wonderland but it’s also seething with a musical richness that occasionally goes unnoticed. Here is where enters one AwareNess, a beat maestro, or producer if you will, who’s preparing the release of his new album Sushi Wave, his first album officially dropping January 29, but not his first foray into Hip-Hop.

Comparisons have been made of Chavo “AwareNess” Trejo to a number of artists, from Large Professor to the RZA, two production wizards technically far removed from one another, yet having one thing in common: the ability to create magic. And this is was AwareNess offers as well. While part of the group Calm, he’s also worked with a number of artists like Ron Miles, Common, Niko Is, Myka 9, and C-Rayz Walz.

In anticipation of his new album, AwareNess debuts the new track “Seven Says Sayonara” which features the Black Elvis, Kool Keith himself. AwareNess creates a smooth and tactile beat to layer under Keith’s most recognizable delivery, as they both move directly into a lush musical terrain without missing a step.