Song Premiere: Andrew Bryant, “Fight”

True to form, Mississippi-based multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bryant (Water Liars) continues to compose cathartic music that dives deeps into all the most important corners of his psyche and shadowboxes with self-realization, good, bad and otherwise. Bryant is a formidable fighter in the octagon of his wants, needs, and fears, and his opponent falls hard, but always seems to settle in the dust of spiritual awakening and the conflict of being. Simply, his struggles are relatable and when he raises a bloody fist on the battleground of the soul, uncovering some hard fought truth, it feels absolutely triumphant. These songs are his personal pursuit of light and peace written in an ink that bleeds with strange familiarity.

Pre-order his forthcoming effort, A Meaningful Connection, which sees release July 9. Today Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering the aptly titled, “Fight,” from the forthcoming missive.

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Photo by Paul Gandy