Song Premiere: Abertooth Lincoln, "20 Minutes of Action"

Photo by Jennifer Taylor
Abertooth Lincoln have released the stream of their new song “20 Minutes Of Action” (listen below). The song is taken from the band’s forthcoming EP Selling the Urban Ideal, which was released on January 13. You can purchase the EP here.
The band’s James Lampe had this to say about it:
“‘20 Minutes of Action’ is our message to Judge Aaron Persky, who presided over the Brock Turner rape case, and ultimately sentenced Turner to a mere six months in jail. All of us were (and still are) terribly moved by the “victim-impact statement” submitted and courageously read in court by Emily Doe. We were subsequently distraught by the callous way Turner’s father attempted to diminish his son’s crime, and Doe’s horrific experience, by calling it ’20 Minutes of Action.’  
This song is our reaction to an abhorrent crime met with a slap on the wrist. It is our cathartic cry of solidarity with survivors of sexual violence, and our plea that such crimes are no longer met with leniency- regardless of class, athleticism, school pride, scholarships, a ‘bright futur’ or whatever else was apparently given weight in Turner’s sentencing. It is our commitment to not forget about these crimes and those that commit them.”

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