Song Premiere| Singing Lungs, “Around Again” Feat. Laura Stevenson

Singing Lungs is a punk-rock band that calls back to when acts like Lemonheads and Lagwagon were tearing up the small club circuit. Brash, gruff vocals soar over harsh palm-muting that quickly move to driving drums and distorted guitars. The ’90s are alive and well in Singing Lungs.

Singing Lungs’ sophomore album, Coming Around, sees release in February of 2023 and follows the self-released debut album Groan and two EPs on Count Your Lucky Stars Records. Coming Around, which was recorded by Rick Johnson (Mustard Plug, Jeff Rosenstock) and mastered by Justin Perkins (Screeching Weasel, Riverdales), presents a collection of songs blending influences from pop punk, alternative, and grunge with hooks and raw energy of ’80s power pop (think Husker Du and Wreckless Eric). The album also features guest appearances from Laura Stevenson (vocals on “Around Again”), Jamie Woolford from The Stereo (vocals on “Static”), Miski Dee Rodriguez from City Mouse (vocals and guitar on “Read a Book and Take a Nap”), and Rick Johnson (theremin on “Static”).

Today, Singing Lungs shares “Around Again,” a mid-tempo rocker with deep power-pop roots, and just the kind of sweet cut that would’ve fit neatly into the ’90s Lookout Records catalog.

Singer/guitarist Jason Kotarski had this to say about the track:

“’Around Again’ was one of the first songs we wrote of the batch of songs that would become the new album. It’s about the way that it becomes harder to connect with friends as you get older and longing for friendship. Since we were learning a lot about writing and recording while being disconnected during the pandemic we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to connect with some old friends to be a part of the project so we asked Laura Stevenson to sing back up on this one!”

Coming Around is a split-label release from Count Your Lucky Stars (U.S.), Sell The Heart Records (U.S.), and will be released digitally and on two colored vinyl variants.

Photo courtesy of Singing Lungs.