RBTS WIN Premiere Track "Love & Hope"

Forget what you know about music. Forget what you know about indie music. Forget what you even know about electronic, Hip-Hop or even R&B music for that matter. Today is the day when worlds collide as the sun-baked/beat driven duo turned trio from Asheville NC, RBTS WIN, premieres its new track “Love & Hope.” The song is off The upcoming Sensitivity Kit LP which will be released Sept 8th on Tidal Prism/Fevered Visions. The album follows up the 2014 debut Palm Sunday.

“Love & Hope” is just a taste of what you’ll find on Sensitivity Kit, an album rife with varying styles meshed together into a monstrosity of an album. What makes RBTS WIN so excitedly challenging is the band essentially ‘sampled themselves’ while creating the new album. Producer/Synth player Javier Bolea says, “We found that the most exciting pieces of music we’ve been into lately have been the space between the sounds, the silence/air between sections. So we focused on simplifying the instrumentation, at times using only noise, 808s, and vocals. Or just drums, a synth, and vocals, etc.. Really letting the space carry the feeling for the record. Maybe it’s all in our heads or way too subtle but that was the inspiration. I think those are the moments your heart sinks into your stomach.” Whatever it is they’re doing, it’s working.
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