Premiere: Landroid Shares Single "So Say We All"

Many Los Angeles denizens consider the fast-paced metropolitan town, which is overrun with pollution, as the west coast mecca. There are some who have preferred to live within the counter culture, much like Landroid, who escaped L.A. for the small desert town of Landers. With a population of 2,632, it does make for quieter living in a stark town.

Landroid, made up of Cooper Gillespie and Greg Gordon, is set to release its new album Imperial Dunes, September 13 and is filled with a kaleidoscope of sound. The duo’s identity is clear and concise within the tracks of its music as it meshes an array of styles from the ethereal to shoegaze, with heavy rhythms with percussive power. Fortunately, Landroid strays far from bastardizing styles and takes the best parts of all those elements for something…astounding. The band’s previous single “Yellow Sea” is a lush effort, a dreamy soundscape with walls of guitar and keyboard that are captivating.

The band premieres the new single “So Say We All” which, while it may have a central theme to it, it breaks down barriers and crashes through walls with an unrelenting fervor.

Of the single, Landroid’s Cooper Gillespie says:

“’So Say We All’ was written in reaction to the current political climate where immigrants are demonized. The message is that there is no such thing as race; we all belong to one race: the human race. The line ‘So Say We All’ is a ceremonial affirmation spoken by characters in the remake of the TV show Battlestar Galactica (huge sci-fi nerds here!) “

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