Premiere: Cam Gnarly & Noa James Share The New "My Folks" produced by DJ Nobody

There’s that moment in time when you stop in your tracks as soon as a beat drops. The music directly affects your senses and its hypnotic rhythm literally forces your complete attention. That’s what you get when you listen to the DJ Nobody produced “My Folks” by Cam Gnarly & Noa James. Lyrics flow effortlessly around the easy flow of the keyboard and mechanical drum beat on their new single “My Folks.”
Inland Empire’s Noa James and Cam Gnarly unite to construct an overflow of sown seeds, bringing their unique styles to the collaborative 5-track EP Gnarly Orca. On the short but incredible ride, the duo utilizes their pen endurance to heal through sound, released with The Order Label on November 17, 2017.

“Noa brought me that hook as an a cappella and I loved it. I actually had a beat that I thought it would fit so perfectly and we tried it out. I think Noa is on to something by combining today’s sounds and styles with uplifting messages. You just don’t hear that too much these days.” – DJ Nobody
You can hear the 5-track EP Gnarly Orca here.
Track Listing:
2.Lift Me Up
4.Make You High
5.My Folks