New Music | Friday Roll Out: Dance Maniacs

Dance Maniacs | Built Like That

You know that moment you’re not sure about what you’re listening to, although you know you’ve heard it before but can’t recall where that familiarity comes from? This is one of those moments as Dance Maniacs, formed by three individuals – North Carolina Transplant Oak City Slums, Seattle-raised Avi Loud, and Liano – who take the most out of electro, freestyle, techno, house, and soul, to blend something that’s, well, frantic and intuitive.

That would be the non-stop movements of Built Like That (Juke Bounce Werk/Alpha Pup). One might think the trio is moving repetitively but there’s more layered underneath than you might think. Consider the opener “Motion” for starters, with its Uncle Luke feel through its tempo, as Latin percussion permeates in and out, along with the intro to Luther Vandross’ “Never Too Much,” spitting along. It comes across much like a dream sequence to a nightmare that should eerily be repeated time and time again. A clearer version of insanity couldn’t be much clearer. But what follows, the crazed “Drop That Bih,” which is unrelenting from start to finish is led by a sample of what sounds like Flava Flav slowed down repeating “drop that bitch.” Whatever it is, I’m here for it. There are other elements floating around that repeat, panned to one side. Repetitive motions can be heard if you really pay attention.  

“Dance” though, this one is that track that’ll probably leave an impression on listeners, sampling Chic’s ’71 joint, “Dance Dance Dance.” The song whips and steps all around it, as the BPMs are increased exponentially, turning it into a deep house joint. It works. It’s followed by the title track which might just feel like Paris is burning again. It’s the inclusivity of keyboards dripping across that allow for the emotional turn. It’s relentless, as the trio moves into “Keys To The Gate,” and if Paris is burning, then NYC is drenched by thunderstorms, as its percussion never takes a break. Yes! This is the way things should move.

Built Like That just doesn’t stop. Throughout every track, Dance Maniacs slip and slide with ease as they storm through their studio adding everything, short of the proverbial kitchen sink. Did I think I was going to enjoy this? No, I didn’t. Am I glad I did? Fuck yes.