Song Premiere | Parrot Dream, “The End”

Settling into a long journey of Parrot Dream’s debut full-length Light Goes feels almost transformative.  The various degrees of highs and lows within the instrumental the foursome deliver is nothing short of hypnotic and elevating.  The album itself was written over a span of two years, conveying elements of connection, love, memories, and clarity within the tracks. 

The Chilean-North American now Brooklyn-based ensemble in the past year started recording in their own homes after plans of going into the studio were thwarted.  After dropping “Red Circle” not ago, Parrot Dream has offered listeners the follow-up starting today, “The End.”

Here’s the band on the single: “’The End’ was not in fact written in response to world events. We were experimenting with big dark synth sounds and wanted to create something minimal but deep & dynamic. The lyrics are essentially final thoughts as a chapter closes and one created world ends. We all move through several worlds during the day; worlds we create ourselves, worlds created by systemic repression, worlds of relationships, worlds created by the illusions of capitalism, to name a few. The world ending in this song is specifically a world built around two beings facing a fire and brimstone type of demise.”