Song Premiere | Oberon Rose, ”Revelation Mountain”

On their new LP Purple, Blue & Crimson, Nashville, TN’s Oberon Rose draws from a wide swath of the western canon, weaving together everything from folk, country, and blues to glam rock, and classic pop. Wherever the muse leads them, though, thought provoking lyrical imagery and engaging melodic hooks are always at the forefront.

Today Oberon Rose has released one of their singles off of Purple, Blue & Crimson titled “Revelation Mountain.”  Lead singer Tommy Oberon says of the single, “There’s a lot going on in this song. It’s bluesy, tribal, even mystical. The opening riff was just something I randomly played one day. I kept it in my back pocket just in case I wanted to revisit it. It stuck with me, so when we started writing for the new album, I pulled this one out and we made it into a song. I’m very pleased with the way it came out. It’s a good showcase for where Oberon Rose is at with our songwriting and performance. It’s also the kind of song that I just love to play.”

Inspired to immerse themselves in the creative process of songwriting as a team, Oberon Rose are no stranger to decamping in various locations.  The band’s debut was primarily done in Woodstock, NY to complete their debut album and start their own record label ThouART Records. After putting a live band together and gigging in and around NYC, Boston, New Haven, and Providence, the songwriting duo completed the recording of their second album, Tell Me All About It.

They soon began work on their third record, Holographic Blues. As habitual wanderers, they relocated again right before the release of this album, this time to Nashville, TN. Drawing inspiration from their new hometown’s long musical history, Oberon Rose began work on Purple, Blue & Crimson. Written by Oberon and Rebecca Rose in their home studio, the record is a profound example of what attention to detail and a lot of patience can achieve.

“As with all of our records, I recorded, produced, engineered this record myself at our studio,” tells Oberon. “It’s just a bare-bones project studio that is not much more than a computer, a top-quality interface, a small selection of decent microphones, and some good instruments.” Yet, what they ended up with is a finely polished piece of pop art.

“In a very abstract way, to me, the album is about life, death, and rebirth,” explains Rose. “I like lyrics that are open to interpretation. Two people can listen to the same song and have two very different ideas of what the song is about. That is what excites me about lyrics, the endless possibilities that the listener brings to them.”

Purple, Blue & Crimson, is out January 20th via ThouART Records.

Photo Courtesy: John Karr