MRC RIDDIMS Premieres New Track "The Candy," Drops New Album 'Sicka Than Your Average'

Born of necessity in a time when dance rhythms are collapsing on top of one another, MRC Riddim premieres its new track “The Candy,” off the new album released today as well, Sicka Than Your Average (Internet & Weed.) The Riddim comes directly from the source of  DJ/production team Alap Now and Merc Yes sourced out of Harlem, NY. The highly sought after team, currently touring in Indonesia, has but one goal: to make the heaviest fun possible on the dancefloor. There’s much going in and outside the spectrum that encapsulates the sound of MRC Riddim, as they absorb multiple genres, from minimal techno to dancehall to house and everything in between, creating a vibe all its own. MRC Riddims manage to bring their NYC flavour to everyone and rarely limits the expansive sound to any one genre. A deep thump and a playful bounce are a common thread throughout their distinct sound. Even when they journey into their deepest, heaviest moments, MRC Riddims never take you too far away from that feeling you had the first time you stepped into a roller rink as a kid!
The tag-team producers aren’t new to any music scene as Alap Now (Alap Momin) and Merc yes (Marc Sorillo) had both played instrumental roles in experimental Hip-Hop group dälek and pop-gaze band All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors respectively. For MRC Riddim and its direction? It’s unclassifiable, unrelenting and completely unique. on Sicka Than Your Average, they enlist a number of artist featured here from the likes of emcee Subtitle (GSL, Alpha Pup Records,) Miss TK (of Miss TK & the Revenge,) and John Morrison (Deadverse Recordings), and also includes MRC Riddims remixes of Norway’s Serena Maneesh(4AD, Smalltown Supersound) and Scandinavian Skwee legend, Melkeveien (Dod Pop). Rarely does anyone find anything as original as this.

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