Matthew James and The Rust Belt Union Premiere Track "Enthusiastic Apathetic"

And just like that, Matthew James and The Rust Belt Union premiere the track “Enthusiastic Apathetic.” What sounds like a cathartic Cajun leading a pack of wolves to the hunt is actually a group of musicians that are ready to tear down the assumptions, and presumptions, of what’s believed music should sound like. Instead of falling prey to generic vultures, Mathew James and The Rust Belt Union grab victims by the throat and savagely tear into them with a style they can call their own. There’s a twang, there’s a southern drawl, well hell, there’s even what seems like bottles of whiskey are involved. But make no mistake, “Enthusiastic Apathetic” will have you yearning for more of the same.
The track was culled from the group’s 12″ vinyl Impromptu Musicials For The Skeptic, which will be released on September 14th (Sump Pump Records.) The band’s dynamic sound is a mixture of bluegrass, blues, country, gypsy, jazz swing, soul, rock, and even the kitchen sink. These midwestern boys aren’t playing at taking hostages when the album drops. If you’re prepared, wonderful. If not, don’t say you weren’t warned because this album will infect your mind, body, and soul.

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