Song Premiere | Mackin Carroll, “Black Hole Song (I Miss You)”

When you are spinning songs from Mackin Carroll (he/him), you find yourself exploring the mind of someone who is beyond eclectic.  The musician’s work taps into the beautiful arrangements from indie rock acts in the early 2000s.  You hear elements of folk and undying spirit that are effectively touching.

Today, Carroll shares his latest single off the upcoming album titled Black Hole Song, entitled “Black Hole Song (I Miss You).”  Forthcoming with a level of chillness and openness, the song features a breezy ambiance.

Here’s Carroll on the single: “A couple of years when NASA took the first picture of a black hole, I was going through a lengthy and confusing breakup. I had read a couple of short books about black holes and wrote this song about where love/energy goes when it goes away – through the lens of spacetime. So if you’re devastated and tryna have a chill, pensive evening staring at the sky thinking about hearing stuff, here’s your soundtrack.”

Carroll cut his teeth in garage bands, playing the bass guitar and shouting poetry that he wrote in his bedroom or in the back of math class over scrappy, juvenile jams. These days, Carroll, often clad in a skirt or dress (wearing traditionally female clothing helps him feel free) always catches fire live, shouting and whispering, transcending and connecting.  He studied bass in college and spent a summer busked for a summer in Galway, Ireland after getting kicked off of a farm while crafting some of the songs for this record. In addition to recording music, Carroll does the score for a Dungeons & Dragons podcast, has scored a short film, and has had a podcast called Happy Sad Talk Thing he’s done for five years. The show highlights interviews with other creatives where at times it gets personal. It also contains mostly Carroll messing around on the wurlitzer patch on the keyboard.