Song Premiere | Karyn Michaelson, ”Do What You Love”

Eloquently distilling a life full of experience into her eminently engaging songs – of which she has written nearly one hundred – Karyn Michaelson captures universal truths of the everyday. Her latest effort Connections emboldens this to the fullest extent.  “I decided to call this record Connections because there is a theme laced through,” she explains. “This is a record about connecting with other people, nature, and oneself. Yet it’s also about losing connection, as in death and dementia, and finding the strength to try and connect anyway.”

Today, Michaelson shares the rocking single off Connections titled “Do What You Love.”  The video accompanying the track offers up Michaelson embracing the silliness that keeps us young at heart by running around in a turkey costume.  The lyrics signify an importance to go out and accomplish your goals.  After all, life is short so why not strive to reach your dreams. “This song was inspired by a therapy session. I’ve always liked the percussiveness of rap, and wanted to put it into one of my songs. I never thought I’d do rap in a turkey outfit though!,” said Michaelson.

Always heartfelt, and sometimes gut-wrenching, her music draws influence from the full breadth of the American songbook. Working away at her home studio (with occasional mix assistance from Matt Taylor from Echo Lake Studios), Michaelson has been patiently honing her craft. Connections was written at home and recorded both there and at Taylor’s studio. In addition to Michaelson, the record features guitarist Bab Park, Maria Scherer Wilson on violoncello, and Matt Traylor on bass guitar and drums,

Though Michaelson never shies from engaging difficult subjects head on, Connections is ultimately a record about finding empowerment. “I want folks to find the strength to face their fears; the fear of connecting in particular. Facing the fears of disconnecting, loss, death, and moving through that fear to a place of peace.” With Connections, Michaelson has given the work a work of elegant depth, beauty, and healing.

Photo Courtesy: Deborah Kerns