Song Premiere | J Hacha De Zola “A Day In Secaucus, New Jersey”

There’s a revolution coming, the likes of which that has never been seen before. As the streets burn, the opposition will go unnoticed as artists tire of mundane conformity. Their music will be heard blaring in the background, becoming the soundtrack to our lives. And the streets will continue to burn brightly, enabling us all to capture just a glimpse of these maestros.

Enter: J Hacha De Zola, already known for his unconventional work with a slew of releases like Icaro Noueau, Greatest Hits, Antipatico, and 2021’s astounding East Of Eden. Within his music, Sr. J Hacha De Zola’s clashing sounds of punk, burlesque, and cabaret stylings just to name a few, instruments caterwaul while circling around like vultures awaiting dying meals. Zola is able to direct his ensemble, easily moving from morose to vigorous and dynamic animation from one track to another. Horns, guitars, and wild-man vocals are all meshed together but are distinctive in delivery.

J Hacha De Zola is set to release his sixth full-length release, Without A Tribe (Caballo Negro), set to be released on June 9, 2023, and helped along the way by Fernando Velez (Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings) and John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth), it seems nothing slows down. In anticipation of the new album, Zola shares the new single, the rallying “A Day In Secaucus, New Jersey.” The song howls and blares with foreboding anxiety, tripping around an infectious melody that’s wrapped around a steady rhythm. We’re witnessed to the highs and lows moving through dirty Jersey but there’s more to it than the sludge coming from The Garden State.

“I’m from New Jersey and no one likes Jersey, particularly Secaucus where I was born. It’s a place of subtle dread, kinda like some oddball Stephen King story. A very different Jersey than Springsteen’s Jersey. ‘A Day In Secaucus, New Jersey’ is a piece of ear candy. Raucous and noisy. It’s about taking chances, bravery, owning up to your position in life, and deciding to make a move.” – J Hacha De Zola

April 6