Song Premiere | Gypsy Mamba “Coronal Cornea”

There’s silence and then there’s sound. When done right, sounds can jump out of stereos and speakers, bouncing along, urged into existence by their creator(s). But again, that’s if it’s done the right way. Awkwardly moving in an alternate direction could prove cataclysmic. Fortunately, for Los Angeles’ Gypsy Mamba, that isn’t an issue. It seems beat master has always found comfort in creating soundscapes of a different nature. Whether it’s on his early bass-heavy releases, thick with gooey bottom end or some of the more luscious backdrops of his current work, it’s all inviting and appeasing.

Gypsy Mamba is set to release his latest offering, the CULPA EP (FilthyBroke Recordings) on October 29, 2021. The new release reaches much further than previous releases because it’s not easily categorized, fitted within spaces between genres, defying classification, instead opting to create cinematic soundscapes. Today the Mamba does just that with “Coronal Cornea,” shifting in between time and space, following the maniacal fervor of the previously released “Pomegranite.”