Song Premiere | Gold Everything, ”Friends In Shorts”

OK, Forever, the debut LP from Seattle-based writer, musician, and electronic music producer Gold Everything (GE), may not be an album for the clubbers, but it’s certainly inspired by them. A multi-timbral, neuron-tickling, synth-studded hug to things that go beep in the night, OK, Foreveris a dynamic and engaging album of personalities and possibilities, accidental grooves, and carefully curated coincidences where dead ends and dance floor kicks collide in delightful discord. Today, Gold Everything shares the single ”Friends In Shorts.”

“‘Friends In Shorts’ is all things summer all at once: snow cones and sunsets; brain freeze and back sweat,” GE says. “This one came to life during last year’s heatwaves, sweating it out alongside a new modular rig and a massive-sounding Moog. The studio was so hot I could only work at night, sheltering in the basement to edit during the day. I love what came out: a house party with heat stroke. It’s as close to uplifting as I can do with a straight face.”

Far from detracting from our enjoyment, the resulting experiments, distractions, tensions, and dead-ends encountered on OK, Forever serve only to enrich and magnify the moments of resolution when they come. It’s an approach that delights and delivers track after track; one that underscores GE’s playful approach to production and deep love for the joy of the creative process.

Imagined, obsessed over, and wrestled into being in a tiny room full of esoteric machines somewhere in Seattle, OK, Forever has a ‘big studio’ analog presence despite its open-ended aesthetic and home brew origins. It’s a soundscape that weaves lush, retro pads and modern ear-sparkling sound design with thundering kicks from club nights gone by. A striking balance   of subtle modular moments, bold dynamic transitions, and four-to-the-floor nostalgia, OK, Forever feels as much a part of your big night out as your night bus back home.

“The point of OK, Forever”, says GE, “is that, sure–reality is a terrifying half-baked mess, but here we are: holding hands, wrestling brief moments of resolution from the chaos, falling in love with strangers in sweaty clubs, and dancing like the whole of Insta is watching.” Fragile yet fierce, full of moments of beauty and resolution, sonic sharp turns, and half-heard motifs, OK, Forever paints a tantalizing picture of paths not taken and ideas left unexplored. This is the ghostly quantum reverberation of one person’s exploration of the earnest, irrational, and perfectly human need to create in a world of infinite possibilities. This is a record that celebrates the urge to build, play, and wrestle moments of beauty and order from a chaotic universe.