Gettin' Really Weird; An Interview With Adam Kirschner Of Noble Son

Noble Son is Adam Kirschner a singer-songwriter and voice actor born and raised in Northern BC, and currently based in Vancouver. His forthcoming self-released effort, Joy In Violence (scheduled to hit the streets on March 30), is his debut full-length, as well as the realization of a dream eleven years in the making.
It began in 2006 when Kirschner discovered South Carolina based musician Joel Hamilton (The Working Title/Mechanical River), setting into motion years of inspired songwriting. When it came time to record his first EP in 2011, he contacted Joel, hoping to have him involved as a producer. When Hamilton responded with interest in the project, Kirschner panicked and retracted his offer. If he was going to collaborate with his hero, he wanted to be ready…and that time hadn’t arrived yet.
With a new determination, Adam moved South to Vancouver, writing, recorded and releasing two EPs with producer Dave Meszaros (Old Man Canyon/Wake Owl). In the Spring of 2017, struggling with his mental health, Kirschner penned eight songs in two short weeks, which became the core of the record he had been waiting for; his most intimate and honest work to date.
By August everything had come full circle, Kirschner joined Hamilton in South Carolina for a marathon six day recording session. Focusing on the genuine charm and clarity of Kirschner’s writing while allowing the listener to experience him at his most vulnerable, Joy In Violence is a feat that wouldn’t have been possible without the help of his collaborators Alex Dobson (Old Man Canyon/Wake Owl), Andy Dixon (Shovels & Rope/Indianola), Davey Badiuk (Liam Gallagher/Tegan and Sara/Dragonette) and of course Joel Hamilton himself.
Ghettoblaster recently had the pleasure of chatting with Kirschner, and also has the premiere of “Aces” today, which you can enjoy below.

When did you first begin writing the material for Joy In Violence?
I wrote the eight songs over twelve days in April last year.
Where did that album title come from?
The title came from the song of the same name. It’s about those morning you wake up, look in the mirror, grab your belly and say to yourself, “You old piece of shit.”…among other things.
Where does the band name come from? Fan of Zen Buddhism?
The project name is related to the lore of Siddhartha Gautama, the OG Buddha. And yeah, Buddhism is cool. The original teachings of Zen are really useful when depersonalization comes a creeping.
You also do a lot of voiceover work. How did you get into that field?
I’m a god damn pony now! Watch out world! Ya, Vancouver has a big film/TV/voice-over industry. Being that I love talking and attention, it seemed like a natural next step.
Do you have any plans to make any videos for the release?
Yeah, videos for “Joy in Violence,” “Problem Daughter,” and “Love You Back” are on the way. Things are gonna get really weird.
What artists are you listening to these days? Any Vancouver faves we should know about?
You know, I just keep going back to Chad VanGaalen’s new record right now. Check out Sam Tudor.
What’s next for Noble Son? Touring? Perhaps the states?
I just finished writing the next record. Demo-ing and lining up time to record that right now. And I would love to tour the U.S. – holding out for that work VISA, ya know? I wanna get on tour with some artists I love and play these songs for people.
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