Song Premiere | Elsewhere, “Call You Out”

Describing themselves as a “prog leaning alt/power-pop new wave band,” Boston based power trio Elsewhere combines the energy and raw angst of punk with the ambition and creativity of progressive rock. The trio consists of guitarist/vocalist Michael Aroian, bassist Kevin Swaluk, and drummer Adam Soucy; atypical punks with day jobs who bring the duality of their existence to the stage with their high-energy live performances. The truly progressive part of Elsewhere’s music is that it also has a pop sensibility that people can appreciate and relate to on an entirely different level. The band has developed a smooth, electric, and groove-oriented sound that transcends the wavering music trends of the day.

Today, Elsewhere drops their new single “Call You Out.” Michael Aroian says on the single: “Call You Out” is essentially a song about bad bosses, the anxiety they cause, and the notion of finally taking them to task. As we slowly exit the pandemic in fits and starts and return to our “new normal” office environment, there is some agita as to what this new landscape will look like. For people lucky enough to work from home during the pandemic, I think one benefit that super cedes the advantages of no commute and a more flexible work schedule is the fact that we oftentimes don’t have to deal with people we don’t like back at the office. This especially goes for dysfunctional and often corrupt management personnel. “Call You Out” is really a song about a fantasy turned into reality in which the regular working guy or girl can now feel empowered via social media, technology, or other wider societal shifts and actually affect change in the workplace and elsewhere…”

Elsewhere’s earlier single “Don’t You Believe Me Baby” – a dynamic cover of a long overlooked, previously unrecorded early 80’s Police song – has scored over 200,000 views on YouTube. Their single “The Pledge”, produced by The Neighborhood’s founding guitarist David Minehan and mixed by Mark Needham (The Killers, Imagine Dragons, Pink, Elton John), broke the silence on the heretofore forbidden topic of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Elsewhere initially achieved notoriety for their debut album Outbound, which earned them slots at the CMJ Marathon and numerous showcases in New York City. The band later released the EP Perception in the early 2000s before achieving an international breakthrough with their widely acclaimed 1981 album release in 2010. The band has an adoring fan base in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway, UK, Italy, and the Czech Republic, all while continuing to hold court at top clubs in their home bases of Boston and NYC. The band will be releasing a new studio album in 2022.

Photo Courtesy: Mitchell Hemmer