Song Premiere | Daredevil Falls, “Arms of Bliss”

Daredevil Falls, a new project from singer/songwriter Kevin Kimberlin, just released “Arms of Bliss,” a radiant, gospel-tinged ode to his loved ones off of his upcoming self-titled debut album. Kimberlin artfully fuses the best qualities you hear from the greats of rock n’ roll into a song that seems to flow effortlessly from him. Beginning with nimbly-picked acoustic guitars, Kimberlin tenderly recounts a piece of life-affirming advice that he received as a teenager from his grandmother. “Arms of Bliss” eventually blossoms into a memorable climax of dueling guitars and soul-stirring vocals that’ll be sure to leave an impression.

“This song was triggered by something my grandmother said when I was a teenager,” Kimberlin said. “I asked her whether I should go to a party or not, and her words stuck with me ever since: ‘sing and dance while you’re young,’ she advised me. This is a celebration of family, as all three of my children sing harmonies [on ‘Arms of Bliss’], and each is represented by a growing crescendo of guitar riffs at the finale.”

A world of inventiveness can be found across Daredevil Falls, and each song has its own sonic atmosphere and emotional energy—as first heard on the lead single “4,444.” The album covers the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, heartaches, heartbreaks and the joy we experience through every love journey. The songs were written to convey the conflicting emotions that we often feel…but dare not say. Kimberlin, who serves as chairman of the advanced technology development firm Spencer Trask & Co., honed his craft in New York City’s punk rock scene during the 70’s as the opening act for The New York Dolls and KISS.

Daredevil Falls is set to drop August 26.