Daredevil Falls Shares New Single “4,444”

Kevin Kimberlin is the force behind Daredevil Falls, an ambitious new project that’s a culmination of a lifetime of experience, both creative and personal. Kimberlin is most well-known for his role as chairman of the advanced technology development firm Spencer Trask & Co. His entrepreneurism today is influenced by his time as a musician in the 70’s New York City punk/glam rock scene — hanging out with the Ramones and opening for The New York Dolls and KISS, where he once traded guitars with Paul Stanley.

Having spent several decades creating life-supporting, science-based ventures with “obsessive missionaries” such as polio vaccine pioneer Dr. Jonas Salk, Kimberlin is now revealing his musical ingenuity. On September 23, he releases Daredevil Falls, produced by Kevin Augunas (Cold War Kids, The Lumineers, Needtobreathe, Sinead O’Connor,Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros). Kimberlin has shared the first taste of his kaleidoscopic songcraft with the single and visualizer for “4,444.” 

Providing a perfect showcase for Kimberlin’s jigsaw-like approach to songwriting, this eavesdropping track finds two people balancing the ups and downs of their relationship, seeking forgiveness, knowing it’s sometimes easier than asking permission. “I have asked for a second chance thousands of times,” Kimberlin said, “for all sorts of mistakes, crudeness, and times I’ve been late for something.” So, this is not just about one instance of forgiveness, but rather asking for forgiveness 4,444 times. While it may seem such an idea would call for somber instrumentation, that’s not how Kimberlin works. Instead, the result is undeniably complex and unpredictable. There’s an invented chord, unconventional time signatures, interrupting samples of two men arguing, one synthesizer triggering another, and studio wizardry meant to miniaturize the sound of the drum and guitar tones. It’s a sonic tapestry that rewards repeat listens. 

Such inventiveness can be found across Daredevil Falls, as each song is a short film with its own sonic atmosphere and emotional energy. The album covers the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, heartaches, heartbreaks and the joy we find in every love journey — songs that convey the conflicting emotions that we often feel…but dare not say. 

Kevin Kimberlin’s world-changing career and his musical experimentation may seem miles apart, but to him, they’re closely connected. In Daredevil Falls, Kimberlin shows that he can swing back and forth between starting new ventures and writing music. He says, “With this record, I wanted to create something different, and hopefully say something meaningful in every song that would speak to my generation.”

Photo Courtesy: JAGstudios